Heart Resonance Concert
Join in a moving community musical experience featuring the harp, plant music and more.
Immerse yourself in an in-depth, dialogue-based weekend of learning, reflecting and visioning.
Explore inspiring stories of innovators, entrepreneurs and change-makers.

We host inspiring learning programs to guide you on the quest toward meaningful work.


Explore inspiring stories of innovators, entrepreneurs and change-makers. The Trailblazers series showcases inspiring individuals as they chart their own course along this non-linear and unpredictable path.

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Have you ever wondered if plants sing? Indigenous healers have shared that plants possess a spirit essence that communicates through light, sound and vibration. Continue reading

“The wedding ritual is one of the most powerful rituals in Western society,” says Sarah Kerr, owner of Soul Passages and founding director of the Holistic Death Network in Calgary. Sarah is a death midwife, celebrant and facilitator who offers nature-based spiritual support to individuals and communities navigating illness, death and loss.
Continue reading

And I really do feel that everyone – that we each have a purpose, and that purpose is something that fulfills us on a really personal level, something that makes us full of gratitude and joy. I give thanks every day. And I also think that each of our purposes is something that contributes to the greater good – I don’t think that anyone’s purpose is to destroy the environment, or start wars, or to harm other people, or to convince other people that you have to buy a certain product or look a certain way. Continue reading

Article by: Marta Calgary is a forever growing city where some small businesses struggle to stay afloat with rising overhead costs. Steeps, a teahouse, was a local business that attempted to become a local mainstay, but struggled with the rising … Continue reading

We arrived in South East Portland, where a remarkable gem of community living can be found innocuously concealed on a quiet city block. Continue reading

“The most radical thing you can do is commit to your community,” said Mark Lakeman, one of the guest teachers in our 5-day long permaculture module at Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat and Conference Centre. Continue reading

A traumatic event or period (the large white arrow on the right side of the circle) cuts directly from the outermost realm of the unexpected and unknown, from beyond our comfort zone, directly to our innermost fears Continue reading

In Calgary, we are lucky to have Steve Rothfels on our screens as a meteorologist for CTV Calgary. Continue reading

Everybody likes a party… but it takes a lot of planning and throwing that party can quickly turn into a daunting task. Continue reading

While I did add a heap-load of skills to my repertoire (and work on some muscles and a tan), I’ve been struggling to process what the few months have meant to me in terms of learning, personal growth, professional growth, and so on. Continue reading

Growing moral capacity through urban farming Article by: Marta  Starting an urban farm is not an easy task according to Scott Weir, but he has made it happen in a city where pursuing genuinely sustainable practices is yet to be … Continue reading

Growing abundance on Montreal rooftops Article by: Marta  Scattered throughout the city of Montreal are pick-up points, where Montrealers have access to rare varieties of vegetables that you won’t find at your local grocery store. They are fresh, have never … Continue reading

Ever found yourself googling phrases like: “What should I do with my life?” Yep, I’ve been there. I am there. Continue reading

It’s the height of summer, and Brenna Atnikov is buzzing with energy and excitement as her foray into self-employment gains momentum. Continue reading

Founded in 2003 by Stephanie Ostler then at 17, Devil May Wear has grown from a small home based wholesale operation to an extensive wholesale/retail experience. Continue reading

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