Shayne Korithoski

BioStruct: A new way to build

What makes this enterprise inspiring and exciting?

Many in our world are waking up to the realization that we can no longer depend solely on globalization and international trade to secure our future; ultimately, it is the strength and vitality of our home communities that will enable us to survive…and, hopefully, thrive. We at Biostruct understand that a solid local economy is the foundation of a strong community. We are proud of the fact that our business provides a market for locally produced or available materials. Biostruct is firmly grounded in a new economic paradigm that champions stability and sustainability!

Constructing the pilot Hemp Pod in Calgary

How is this different or better than other green building?

This building system produces dwellings that mirror the beauty, harmony and longevity found in nature; at the same time, they sequester carbon, helping to combat global climate change! One of the raw materials we use is industrial hemp, a fast-growing, versatile crop that can be grown without pesticides and is unrivalled in terms of its biomass yield. Due in part to their hemp content, our masonry products insulate just as well as conventional materials; however, they also “breathe,” promoting healthy indoor environments. Buildings constructed centuries ago in Europe, using methods similar to ours, are still functional and beautiful!

Why are you personally motivated to be involved?

I have been passionate about buildings, as well as environmental causes, since my youth. As my view of the world grew more holistic, I realized that nature has a lot to teach us about how to use resources, implement sustainable systems, and build things to last. A committed life-long learner, I began using my spare time to educate myself on various approaches to green building, and also to network with others committed to the same philosophy. Among the latter were Andrew and Riva Mackie, as well as Rob Sinclair. Discovering our common vision for a bio-regional green building company, the four of us developed a business plan, and after many months of hard work, Biostruct was born!

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