Autumn Re-focusing

The Colours of Fall

Larch Valley near Lake Louise.

The Bow Valley, as seen from Mount Yamnuska

Ribbons of gold unfurl before our eyes as we make our way up to the sky. Lower on the prairie, the bright lights of poplar and aspen are still interspersed with vivid green, but in the high alpine, the larches are already glowing a deep, orangey amber.

As the landscape explodes in one last profusion of colour before the winter slumber, we in the city are buzzing around with that certain zeal of activity that only autumn brings.

We’re buckling down for the winter, committing to work and projects, and staying in one place to get it done. It’s that familiar yearning for summer’s long days and carefree interludes, that longing for friends gone their separate paths. Wistful goodbyes and exciting new beginnings.

How is your meaningful work journey unfolding as we head into the season for harvesting our bounty and preparing for a time of hard work and re-focusing in the clutches of winter?

MWP roots in Waterlution and IMPACT!

Certain times in life have a way of catalyzing, jump-starting a new path. This late-summer, I revisited some of the familiar roots of the different people, projects and organizations that have fuelled my personal and professional explorations into meaningful work.

Meaningful Work – for us! Mike and I are proud to announce that we’ll be continuing our collaboration as co-facilitators in our new capacities as Hub Managers for Waterlution‘s new initiative, the Hub Network.

The Waterlution Hub Network is a cross-Canada support and programming platform for young leader and multi-stakeholder engagement in regional water issues. Each Hub is an active community of practice, offering regular programming and network development opportunities for youth and diverse stakeholders working on (or simply interested in) building a sustainable future for water.

Our connection to water has been an important source of learning and inspiration for both of us, and we will seek out opportunities for cross-pollination in the future.

Mike shares his experience in organizing a custom workshop – Meaningful Work for Water Professionals at the Canadian Water Network annual conference last year.

Catching up with Dev Aujla of Dream Now

While in Ontario, I also worked as an alumni facilitator at the IMPACT! Youth Conference for Sustainability Leadership in Guelph from Sept. 14-18. Two years ago, attending this gathering of nearly 200 inspiring, pro-active students from across Canada was one of the catalysts in launching the Meaningful Work Project – as well as start-up funding through the IMPACT! Alumni Fund. (Learn more about about the roots of MWP)

There, I had a chance to catch up with my old friend (from our days with SYC), Dev Aujla of Dream Now, who has been actively exploring how we can Make Money while Making a Difference. An inspiring speaker and thinker, Dev has a new book coming out on creating meaningful work in early 2012.

New Stories!

What’s your Meaningful Work story? How have you found ways to align your values and your work? What have been your greatest challenges and your biggest successes?

Thank you for your submissions! We are grateful to our friends below for so candidly sharing their personal meaningful work journeys:

Winter Sleep

Many of you have been wondering about our upcoming Meaningful Work Project events. In the interest of personal sustainability, I am going to focus on the academic portion of MWP in the coming months, and return to organizing and facilitating more educational programs in late 2012.

If you are interested in connecting with fellow participants from past Meaningful Work events, we are more than happy to support you in keeping the Community of Practice continuing to grow and thrive.

Have a lovely fall season!

~ Alla