GAIA’S GUILD : Holistic Life Design

Cultivating a Creative Life

Design that aligns you with your vision & values

One-to-One Coaching Sessions 

For earth lovers; protectors & regenerators, permaculturists, artists, entrepreneurs 

& visionaries who are making a transition in their creative life path

& reclaiming authentic expression

this might be for you if you are ready to:

Create a life design & action plan.

You want your life to reflect your values in all areas – meaningful work, passion projects, fulfilling relationships.. and if you are reading this you are probably already making that happen in many ways! You know that you are more likely to meet your own life design goals if you have structure in place: an overarching vision and a clear path to get you there.

Be yourself.

You feel inspired to live differently than before. You know this matters. You’re ready share in an authentic way. You’re ready to cultivate radical self love & acceptance, ready to learn inner resilience in acknowledging any resistance that could arise when you decide to show up authentically.

Design & maintain healthy boundaries.

You care deeply about the well being of people & the planet. You’re a changemaker with a solutionary approach and you love to give, to the point of feeling depleted at times. You’re not sure how to ask for what you need or how to receive, because you’re not always clear on what you need. You want to know what a full body YES feels like, and how to give voice to what you want with clarity, confidence and respect.

Enjoy life.

It can be hard to rest & relax when there is so much that needs to be done. Do you find yourself trying to take a nap and judging yourself the whole time that you’re not doing more? Yeah, relaxing is actually a skill in itself. If you’re going to find balance in your life and make time for self care, it would be nice to be able to enjoy it. Making time for play, creativity & fun in your life doesn’t need to be considered a frivolous waste of unproductive time. Integrating work and play can be restorative on a personal level and contributes to creating a regenerative culture.

Trust yourself.

You might benefit from a bit of clarity in discerning your inner knowing from external expectations, yet you know what feels right for you. You know when you are living true to your values. You can feel when your heart, body, mind & intuition are aligned. An embodied approach to coaching can help you connect to all of these aspects of yourself, and can help you make new, creative choices for yourself from a place of feeling calm & centered.

This might not be for you if:

You’re specifically seeking marketing or media expertise (There are people who specialize in this and I would recommend hiring them instead!). If you are seeking clarity in regards to your relationship to marketing & media or need help in cultivating confidence –  I would be delighted to assist you with this!

How it works:

Free Clarity Call – Find out if we are the right fit! This is an opportunity to have any of your questions answered about Holistic Life Design, One-to-One coaching (~0.5 hr)


In the garden at my place (in Elphinstone on the Sunshine Coast, Traditional Unceded Territory of the Squamish People) or online, via zoom. 


In our first session, we will co-create a Life Map (your life as it is now) and a Life Design Plan (intentions for creative change). These sessions will happen during or near a new moon. 

(~1.0 hr)

If we decide that we are the right fit, we can meet weekly and will revisit your full Life Design Plan on the full moon for reflection & potential revisions. From there, you can decide if you want to go forward and we will continue to plan our meetings in alignment with the cycle of the moon (as long as that is continuing to work for us both).

You can schedule one session at a time (at full value) or sign up for a full moon cycle (and receive a discount).  

$80/session (+gst)
4 sessions for $300  (+gst)

    About Laura

    Laura Walker is a Life & Land Designer with Gaia’s Guild : Holistic Life Design. Laura offers design, installation and maintenance of beautiful & bountiful ecological & edible landscapes. Laura facilitates One-to-One Life Design coaching sessions for people who are designing a creative life path and reclaiming authentic expression.

    Laura is a certified Life Coach through Rhodes Wellness College and is currently completing her Counselling Diploma through Rhodes Wellness College. She is an intuitive Reiki Master, integrating the practice of energetic healing with embodiment techniques & empowerment tools into Life Design sessions. 

    Laura took a grass roots educational path in Advanced Permaculture Design, Organic Master Gardening, Herbology, Native Plant Knowledge, Decolonization, Compassionate Communication, Embodied Healing and a mix of eclectic courses from an incomplete yet informative liberal arts education! 

    Her complementary work experience is in the non-profit and social enterprise sector doing community garden design & coordination, garden mentorship, event organization, marketing, education & job development. Laura is currently working with One Straw Society as the Tiny Farm Market Garden Coordinator, growing food for a collaborative community food box.

    Laura loves growing a variety of beautiful and medicinal plants at home. She has a tendency to avoid harvesting them, preferring to just enjoy their company. She loves being by the ocean, wandering through forests with friends, campfire jams, ecstatic dancing and enjoys cozy times snuggling in bed with books, who are like friends to her.