Gerardo Marquez

Gerardo Marquez is a recent newcomer to Canada from Queretaro, Mexico. He is an electrical engineer and has completed a Masters Degree in Environmental Management and Sustainable Energy Planning at the University of Aalborg, Denmark. He spent six months in South Africa working as a researcher, writing his thesis in cleaner energy production as well as related social and environmental justice issues.

Gerardo’s work experience in the energy industry has taken him to several corners of the world including South Korea, the Czech Republic, Austria, France, USA and the Kingdom of Bahrain.

He actively engages in the community, regularly attends sustainability-related events, enjoys talking to people from different cultural backgrounds, rides his bicycle and laughs every time he has the opportunity. He currently works in the oil and gas industry and is finishing the Sustainable Building Advisor course on sustainable building design and energy efficiency. Gerardo describes himself as a dreamer and a human and plans one day to have a home with many chickens roaming in the yard.