Further exploring

We offer some suggestions for inspiring articles, books and videos that touch on many of the themes we wish to explore within the Meaningful Work Project. If you have any suggestions or are involved in a project or initiative you would like featured, please get in touch.


The May 2010 issue of Unlimited Magazine focuses on meaningful work and green jobs, including an article by Alla Guelber, The Quest for Meaningful Work.

Alla Guelber blogs on the urgency for economic transformation in Creating the Jobs of the Future – Today March 2010.

Read the Alberta Acts on Climate Change backgrounder on the connection between climate change and business – and opportunities for the future.

Guides and Action Planning

The GoodWorkCanada guide to Create your own Green Job

Download the eBook Occupation: Change the World. Created by Dream Now, this book compiles the stories of inspiring young people who have grappled with the same question: how do we make money and change the world?

Are you an Ecopreneur? By Ecopreneurist.com

The collected works of Margaret Wheatley, world-renowned management consultant and professor, and promoter of systems thinking within organizations.


The Tyee http://thetyee.ca/
Grist http://www.grist.org/
Treehugger http://www.treehugger.com/
Orion Magazine http://www.orionmagazine.org/
Worldchanging www.worldchanging.org
Environmental Health News http://www.environmentalhealthnews.org/

Alberta Views Magazine http://www.albertaviews.ab.ca/
Environment Canada’s EnviroZine www.ec.gc.ca/envirozine
Alternatives Journal http://www.alternativesjournal.ca/

Corporate Knights magazine is focused on promoting the idea of “clean capitalism”. They publish the world’s largest circulation magazine with an explicit focus on corporate responsibility.

Good is a collaborative website and magazine that features hundreds of articles from individuals, businesses and non-profits “pushing the world forward”.

Unlimited Magazine is an online business and work culture magazine for readers in their 20s and 30s, people who want balance and fulfillment and meaning in their working lives.

The New York Times reports on the importance of creating a “Green Economy”

Ascent Magazine offers up a contemplation on the pressing question, “What is the work that needs to be done?”

Malcold Gladwell’s perspectives on the idea of meaningful work through passion, not genius

Local Calgary Organizations

REAP Business Association was founded in Calgary in 2006 with the vision to create a vibrant living economy where citizens understand and value the impact of shopping locally.

Thrive brings together people and organizations (voluntary, public and private sector) to advance Community Economic Development in Calgary to open doors to the possibilities of good jobs for all, a strong local economy, affordable housing, opportunities for low income Calgarians, vibrant neighbourhoods and a sustainable city.

Green Calgary is a dynamic, non-profit urban environmental organization with a mission to empower Calgarians to create healthy homes and communities through environmental education, products and services. Since 1978 Green Calgary has sought to address a range of pressing urban environmental issues including pollution, waste management and resource conservation