2021 Activation Series: Systems Thinking Workshops

Photo credit: Future Catalyst

Thinking of how you can identify effective solutions to some complex challenges of our time? Do you want to take meaningful leadership and make a tangible impact on an urgent challenge that you and your community are faced with? Are you concerned and dealing with a persistent issue with multiple facets and moving parts? 

The issue at hand could be pandemic, unemployment, social issues homelessness, deepening social inequality, refugee crisis, climate change, or smaller problems like establishing a healthy work/ life balance during the pandemic.

More than ever, it is apparent that we need systems change to move past the complex issues of our times. In order to do so we need to come together and collectively reflect on our relationship with ourselves to engage effectively in our social structures and environment. Meaningful systems change  means collaboratively disrupting the status quo (in order to tackle complex issues with human dimension). But how can we do that?

In this series of workshops, we invite you to join us in gaining a richer understanding of the adaptive human systems together and envision creative solutions that can create a transformative empathy/user based change. The workshops are interactive and have a large participant component.

You will learn:


what are complex adaptive systems?
how to see systems and boundaries, and leverage change.
creative destruction and the indicators of innovation.
how to work with “transition points”
why critical heuristics matter.
how worldviews are the keys to change.





Guest presenter and workshop facilitator

Mike has worked with and collaborated on the Meaningful Work Project over a period of 8 years. He is now doing his PhD on a complex systems approach to social innovation and was an alumnus of the Banff Social Innovation Residency and Leadership Calgary. Oh, and he sometimes plays in a band, too.




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