Connecting to nature through plant music

Eily Aurora plays the harp with an orchid connected to the Music of the Plants Machine at the September 2017 Heart Resonance Concert. Photo by Mike Unrau.

What is Plant Music?   

Have you ever wondered if plants sing? Indigenous healers have shared that plants possess a spirit essence that communicates through light, sound and vibration. Musician Eily Aurora joins forces with Alla Guelber, founder of the Meaningful Work Project, for a unique Sound Journey and exploration into the mysterious world of the plants.

Science is now proving what native cultures have known for thousands of years: plants are aware, sentient beings. The Music of the Plants machine has made the song of nature audible for the first time. One powerful response while listening to the song of plants is the release of the bonding hormone  oxytocin, which initiates a healing process in the listener to bring mind, body and spirit into balance.

Listening to Plant Music reminds us of how intricately connected we are to nature. Plants are highly intelligent. They have a powerful ability to communicate with what’s around them and interact with their environment with over 20 senses. With the ability to now not only feel the benefit of being with nature, but actually hear and co-create musically with plants, our vital relationship with and to each other is even more evident than ever before. We need nature to survive. How can plant’s song wake us up to listen to the living beings around us and bring greater harmony to the world?

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The Music of the Plants Machine, attached to a live plant.