More about the LifeJAM

The Meaningful Work Project is one of 18 initiatives supported by the Cooperators IMPACT! Alumni Grant for Phase 3 of our work.

In the next 7 months, we plan to create and pilot a process called the LifeJAM that focuses on supporting the ‘how’ of social entrepreneurship. The grant funds hosting a series of LifeJAMs and the creation of a LifeJAM instruction manual. Finally, it allows the project to use professional facilitators to develop the program and train the Meaningful Work team to run it self-sufficiently.

A LifeJAM is a facilitated process that assists participants to gain more clarity around a specific topic of inquiry.  It is a space where a group of people come together to help an individual explore, refresh, invigorate and create a vision for a project, a business endeavour or another specific decision relating to creating meaningful work.

Although only one person will be the focus of the conversation for each LifeJam, there is great value to participating in and bearing witness to each others’ experience.

The purpose of the LifeJAM is to assist participants to begin meaningful projects and businesses that help people make a living repairing the planet and communities. The LifeJAM process is meant to function as a community-based support and mentorship mechanism by encouraging us to tap into the wealth of knowledge, information and resources that we can offer each other.

With support from Adrian Buckley of Big Sky Permaculture, Kurt Archer of My World, My Choice! and others, we will be rolling out the first pilot LifeJAMs in February 2012. Do you have a project that you have a business idea or project that could get “jammed”? If so, email Alla!