Inspiring Hearts Project

Alla & Eily co-facilitating the Sounding as Service portion of the Heart Resonance Concert, Sept 2017. Photo by Mike Unrau.

We are pleased to announce a new collaboration!

The Inspiring Hearts Project is an artistic collaboration bringing together, as project leads, Alla Guelber, an environmental educator, community organizer and facilitator with Eily Aurora, a professional harpist and vocalist, systemic constellations facilitator, and community organizer. Our goal is to inspire participants to tune in to the intrinsic resiliency and healing potential of the heart, nature, and the strength of community.

Our collaborative process is inclusive, participatory, and interdisciplinary, weaving threads of musical practice, sound work, plant music, installation art, placemaking, and community engagement. We embrace ritual practices emerging from our own ancestral traditions and respect the wisdom present in North American indigenous traditions.

Inspiring Hearts Experiment
Our experiment focuses on offering harp and plant music Pop-Up Concerts in public places. Community engagement and story-telling are key components. The Pop-Up Concerts in various locations across Calgary will support the overall direction of the Inspiring Hearts Project by deepening our understanding of the interactions between harp music, plant music and community engagement. We explain this experiment in more within the rest of our application.


Sharing sound work as a community, Heart Resonance Concert 2017. Photo by Mike Unrau.

You can look forward to an exciting schedule of concerts, workshops, speaking engagements and other ways to spread our message.

The Heart Resonance Concert takes place Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018. Find out more:

Music as Medicine: Keys to discover soundwork for growth and wellbeing Day-long workshop. Saturday, Feb 24, 9:30-4:30 pm. More details to follow!