Staying on the Elusive Path

By Jill Drader

“If you’re looking for love, it will always elude you. If you’re looking for happiness, it will always elude you.” –Dr.Wayne Dyer on Staying on the Path

Jill Drader participated in the LifeJAM pilot with positive results.

I was looking for meaningful work and it was eluding me. I was also looking for Alla Guelber.

In 2002, Alla and I had a French class at Mount Royal College together. We were partnered for an activity and then it felt like I didn’t see her again. Living in the ‘big small town’ otherwise known as Calgary, I was certain I’d run into her. But I didn’t. Then 10 years later after having her on my mind often, we ran into each other at a local food event and reconnected while eating with friends.

It was shorty after this reunion that I was introduced to the Meaningful Work Project over a tea. I talked about what I wanted to be doing (and leading and creating), and Alla talked about what she was doing.

I left inspired and ready to research. I started to get to know The Meaningful Work Project website and followed Alla on Facebook. I was thinking deeper after each visit. I wanted to JAM with Alla as a participant of her LifeJAM series.

I wanted a plan. Alla had a model for creating one. She designed a way to make our mutual (and new) friends part of some serious discussions about a vision of the meaningful work I have for myself.

The first step is to partner up with a coach networked by Alla. You meet up and discuss how to create a clarifying question about the topic (or issue or problem) you’ve chosen. I left my first meeting eager and thought it was going to be a breeze to throw together a question. I soon realized that finding a clarifying question within an issue is not always so clear. How could I narrow down one when I was thinking about so many aspects of turning an idea into a business?

The Coach, Sidney Craig Courtice, was the one with the experience to help me narrow down my issue. This didn’t come quickly… and changed often!

24 hours before the LifeJAM started, I figured it out!!!

The LifeJAM was held at my house with 9 very important people in my life; Alla, Sidney, my husband Tyler, and my friends Avnish, Jane, Courtney, Sylvie, Becky, and Michelle.

We JAMMED and I got very clear about what I needed to do to move ahead. I also earned a new respect for the skills, crafts and talents each of my 9 friends have. They shared their day and their time with me to help me move forward with an issue that was holding me back because of fears I created for myself. They also offered their time to me afterwards to continue to move forward.

Truly this experience was a gift. I could not have sourced out and hired better resources to guide me like this conversation did. I’m grateful beyond words to Alla and Sidney for facilitating this with me.

I now know you can’t look for meaningful work. You live it, you are it, you create it, you lead it, but most importantly, it will find you.

Stay on your quest, ask meaningful and clarifying questions to those around you, and listen carefully to what others have to say. Meaningful work might be what you’re already doing and you just don’t know it yet!

Life will put the right people in front of you when you’re ready. Here’s what my friends (the Jammers) had to say about my JAM:

  •  “…great to be part of it”
  •  “..I am excited to see your business and ideas grow!”
  •  “…I got so much out of it!”
  •  “…Great meeting today. You had my mind spinning the whole way home.”
  •  “I really hope you do another one in 6 months with the same people.”