Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of retreat is this? Who is it geared toward?

This is not your typical conference! Maximum participant capacity is 30, so you’ll have a change to get to know each other and the guest mentors. You will delve deep, challenge yourselves, develop your own ideas for innovative social and environmental projects, businesses or not-for-profit endeavours, and connect with other inspiring individuals from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds.

It is open to people from all academic and professional disciplines. This will be a weekend to make new connections, synthesize ideas and get projects moving.

What is the workshop format?

In this intimate, small-group setting, we offer a variety of activities that encourage creative thinking, inspiration and interaction.

The workshop will follow a dialogue model, inviting special guests who are experienced social innovators, business and not-for profit leaders and community activists to work directly with participants to brainstorm, provide advice on business and communication plans, network, and participate in knowledge sharing.

How did the Meaningful Work Retreat start?

Alla Guelber launched the Meaningful Work Project with the inaugural Meaningful Work: Green Jobs + Social Innovation Retreat in April 2010. In her May 2010 article in Unlimited Magazine called The Quest for Meaningful Work, Alla shares the project’s beginnings and goals.

Guest Presenters!

For guest presenters for 2013, click HERE

For the 2011 retreat, we welcomed:

I’m not a “young professional”. Can I still attend?

Definitely. From the just-about-to-graduate student to the mid-career professional looking for a change, this retreat is all about exchanging ideas, perspectives and inspiration with others from similar and diverse backgrounds. If you have any specific questions about fitting in to the workshop, and how we might be able to address your concerns, please contact us.

We will offer a one-month later in-person event in Calgary, as well as online follow-up post-workshop. The Sunday of the workshop is focused on you! Through small group breakouts and an Open Space session, you will be able to focus on your personal goals for attending the Meaningful Work Retreat and for moving forward beyond the weekend.

You will find that the best follow-up will emerge from the personal connections you make with other participants and guest mentors.