ActivationWorks: Interactive Group Sessions

Creative Design Processes to Make Your Meetings Come Alive

The Call:            Want to get the most out of your group meetings?  Want to have more dynamic workshops?  Keep your audience engaged, excited, and alive?

Move your standard lecture format from talking and powerpoint out of monotony and into interactive exercises and processes that can activate any group meeting or workshop setting.

What:      The Meaningful Work Project in conjunction with MSU Consulting offers ActivationWorks to bring your meeting or workshop alive.  By using simple and safe interactive activities and exercises, participants remain engaged, keep lively discussions flowing, get the main points of your message in fun and involved ways.

How:        We design processes and activities to get your group in deeper discussion and up moving.  For example, along with a presentation and slides about teamwork, participants actually do team building exercises.  People break out in small groups, meet in pairs, or get up to do an activity; all the while honouring the key messages of the meeting.  There are usually three stages:

  •    Inquiry:  Groups start with a question around the topic for deeper learning on key themes
  •    Engage: participants actually do an activity together
  •    Reflect:  participants reflect on how the activity applies to themes and key messages

Activities include brainteasers, team building, fun tasks, interactive engagement processes etc.

Why:        ActivationWorks acts as a deepening of inquiry – people learn from you as well as from each other, accessing the wisdom of the group.  Activities are interactive and fun, but are never ‘spacey’ or too ‘touchy-feely.’  Instead they are designed to each meeting or workshop, to fit the needs of the organisation and the audience.  The emphasis is on design. 

Who:        ActivationWorks is for people in businesses and organisations; leaders or facilitators who are looking to activate groups in dynamic ways that can be used for deeper engagement.

Offer:      ActivationWorks can be offered in the following ways:

  1. Meeting Intercessions.  We will lead or facilitate ActivationWorks with your participants or clients.  Minimum time is 20 min., but up to 1.5hrs can be very effective in group meetings
  2. Half Day or Full Day Facilitated sessions.  Bring us in for longer to have greater results
  3. Design Coaching.  We will design your workshops with you for maximum benefit
  4. Training.  The Work can be taught to staff from day-long workshops to full 6-day intensives


Leader Bio.   Mike Unrau is a facilitator, instructor and artist based in Calgary, Canada. He holds a Master’s degree at University of Calgary on using the arts as a tool for social change.  ActivationWorks is informed by his experiences with Chris Morgan in Art of Hosting, David Diamond in Theatre for Living; Eugenio Barba’s Odin Teatret in Denmark; Eva Vigran in Core Connexion in Switzerland, Milon Mela and Julian Boal in India; his work with social justice agency Arusha Centre as well as the Meaningful Work Project, and his time in the Buddhist monastery, Suan Mokkh.  He has won awards including a United Nations International Year of Freshwater & W.O.W Initiative committee’s award in the arts, and has been an International Fellow Abroad facilitating several social-based projects in India.  He has facilitated with groups such as Alberta Health Services, Calgary Catholic Family Services, Calgary Women’s Emergency Centre, GUARD (Group for Urban and Rural Development, India), Knowmads (Netherlands), Land Stewardship Centre, AAFS (Autism Aspersers Friendship Society), Calgary Mennonite Centre for Newcomers, the Canadian Water Network (Ottawa), Cities & Towns In Transition: People and Place Conference, University of Mysore (India), Global Routes (USA), and recently has been hired to lead several sessions in Amsterdam in his work called Somativity.  Mike is the Co-Artistic Director of Theatre Encounter and a director with the Meaningful Work Project.

Contact or 403.826.8892 for more information.