SOMATIVITY for Professionals

a workshop on engagement through awareness

Somativity is the understanding of ourselves in awareness. It is a body-based interactive practice that gets to the heart of increasing possibilities to engage others. Learn about presence, public speaking, group dynamics, and collaborative action by understanding the roots of reactivity using this socio-physical practice.


Somativity is for anyone who is interested in how their mind & body is instrumental in awareness and can be used for collaborative and public engagement.

Discover your social and physical vocabulary as your capacities for action. Experience how body impulses act as incitement to public engagement. Learn movements that break up psychosomatic and neuromuscular holding patterns that resist true expression. Experience how physical action can lead to more real, visceral group dynamics change. Come away with a basic base of the Somativity practice for continuing development after the workshop.

Somativity was developed so people can make more authentic choices and express themselves by going into the essence of action, undistracted by excess thought. It is an inquiry into the mind / body relationship through practical social and physical action.

Somativity is informed by Grotowski and Stanislavski’s physical actions, somatic practice, Theatre of the Oppressed; authentic & improvisational movement, impulse work, Buddhist meditation and martial arts.


The workshop will be split into four phases of learning.
1. Phase One will look at Sensation & Automatism
2. Phase Two will look at Impulse & Reactivity
3. Phase Three will look at Action & Reaction
4. Phase Four will look at Group Dynamics & Engagement

Facilitator Bio
Mike Unrau is a teacher and director based in Calgary, Canada. He holds an M.F.A. at University of Calgary and focuses his work on physical actions and their
social implications. He has also studied at both the University of Toronto and Sheridan College of the Arts. The Somativity process is informed by his experiences with: Eugenio Barba’s Odin Teatret; the Jerzy Grotowski Institute in Poland; Milon Mela in India; Julian Boal in India; David Diamond in Vancouver in Theatre of the Oppressed techniques; his work with The Meaningful Work Project and his time in the Buddhist monastery, Suan Mokkh. He has taught theatre through the Shaw Festival Theatre and at the University of Mysore, India. He has been an International Fellow Abroad heading several social-based projects in India, been host of the television show The Active Traveller, and is the Co-Artistic Director of Theatre Encounter. Mike is a Manager at the social justice agency the Arusha Centre, and is Program Director with the Meaningful Work Project where he creates and facilitates interactive processes for the inquiry into meaningful work for participants.